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Mini Santa Maria.jpg
8" x 8"
with the following specifications:
(unless otherwise requested)
  • 3/4" inch
  • Black Edges
  • Wire hanging hardware
20x30 Sample.png
$70 plus shipping
20" x 30"
16x16 Sample.png
$55 plus shipping
16" x 16"
Mini Santa Maria.png
8" x 8"
$19 plus shipping
A Tiny Island is a digitally manipulated photograph that looks like a tiny world or tiny planet. 
The reverse of a Tiny Island is called a Rabbit Hole named after the illusion that is created by turning the photo in on itself.
_RAP0339 Basset TW Sample.jpg
Tiny Island
_RAP0339 Basset RH Sample.jpg
Rabbit Hole