Robin Anderson is available by appointment to photograph REAL ESTATE PROPERTIES in
St. Johns, Flagler and Duval counties.
Email requests to

Real Estate PRICING

according to square footage 



$75 - MINI shoot, very basic location shoot

(12-15 images ONLY)


$150 - location shoot, under 1500 sq. ft.

(20-25* images)

$200 - location shoot, 1500-2499 sq. ft. 

(25-50* images)

$300 - location shoot, 2500-4000 sq. ft. 

(50-80* images)

$600 - location shoot, 4001 sq. ft. and above  

(100* images)




Return to location

Travel over 25 miles to location

* The number of images that will be delivered is an approximation and will vary depending on the number of rooms and amenities at the location.​